A1.We are a bunch of enthusiastic people who have Started this start-up QuickFarm to bring Quality products to the Customer.
A2. We have 2 Stage of Cleaning Process of all the Possible products that we do Serve
i) Cleaning with Hot And Warm Water As needed Then Sanitized it.
ii) Sanitization of all covers and packages that we use and While delivering it maintaining all safety norms that are issued by WHO.
A3. We Provide excellent products to Customers doorstep at Exciting prices.
A4. In the case money is debited from your account to ours and if we received in speculated time then only we are bound to give you back which could take 4-7 days approx.
A5.If we found Damage/issue genuine then only return-policy is available. Where customers have to report it on a call that has been provided on our website within 2 hours after getting delivery.